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Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage has been practised for thousands of years in India and it is part of the Ayurvedic system which is an holistic approach to treating a person focusing on the mind, body and spirit. An Ayurvedic practitioner would do a consultation for a client and draws up a specific programme for them, which can involve, massage, diet, exercise, herbs, oils, meditation etc.

Indian Head Massage ( also known as Champissage) has been developed in the west in more recent years and a full treatment normally includes massage sequences on the head, neck, shoulders, back, face and hands. IHM is a seated massage and the client remains fully clothed.

It is a wonderful way to ease stress and anxiety by promoting calmness and it helps to relieve tension in muscles, headaches and other common ailments. It also aids sleep and promotes general well being, as well as helping with concentration and balancing energy levels.

Head Massage


An Indian Head Massage normally lasts an hour and each treatment is tailored specifically to the needs of the client. The client remains fully clothed and seated during the treatment.


Indian Head Massage Courses are available at both Beginners and Practitioner Level please see under Courses for information.