Colour Energy Therapies

Atlantean Crystal Healing™ - Beginners Course

Level 1

Cost £110 (€129)   (includes membership fee)

Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm

2024 Dates

Dates coming soon - contact Agnes if interested in this course

Atlantean Crystal Healing™ is a new therapy system that re-awakens the ancient techniques of Crystal Therapy wrapped in the wisdom of Atlantis. This system has been brought forward to help with the global awakening of mankind as well as to anchor more crystal light in to the earth.

Now taught internationally, Atlantean Crystal Therapy™, combines crystal healing techniques as they were performed in Atlantis with contemporary healing techniques for the new age. Taught over two levels the system aims to awaken your inner light – your Source light – helping you to ascend and live in your highest potential. Deeply transforming system that will attune you to the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Fully certified course with detailed manual, crystal attunements, healing techniques, meditations plus on-going support all taught in a peaceful, loving environment.

In this level, which entitles you to practise as a student with friends and family, of you will learn:

  • About the Great Atlantis Crystal,
  • How the crystal was used in Atlantis & how to use it in your therapy,
  • The main crystals used in crystal therapy,
  • How to care, cleanse and programme crystals for healing,
  • How to sense crystal energy and develop your intuition,
  • Learn the physical anatomy of the body and subtle (energy) bodies,
  • Role of colour in crystal therapy and in Atlantis,
  • Learn crystal layouts for health, relaxation, stress, general aliments and to aid meditation,
  • Lots of practice in conducting crystal healing treatments for self-healing and for others,
  • Fun, practical exercises to aid your self-study and crystal journey!,

During the course you will also receive an Energy Attunement to align your being to become a channel for the Divine healing of the Atlantis, as well as to gift you your own Etheric Atlantean Crystal to aid your personal ascension. This attunement helps bring you:

  • The knowledge and energy that was once stored into the main Atlantean Crystal,
  • Activates sleeping strands of DNA that reconnects you to the Atlantean Energies,
  • Can be used with the crystal layouts you will be taught in the course as a method of personal and spiritual growth, as well as a healing system for yourself and others.

This first level allows you to develop your skills at student level with family and friends.

Level 2 will allow you to practise professionally and will be run over 2 days.

Open to everyone, even if you are beginners to crystals or energy healing. :)

Course cost is £110 (€129). A £30 (€40) non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

Balance to be paid on the day of the course.
N.B. Payment plans are available by request. Please contact Agnes to discuss this further.

Please contact Agnes for booking and payment details.

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cheque.


Tel: 07956 524445

Info also on the Colour Energy Therapy and Atlantean Crystal Healing™ FB page.

All students receive a course manual, etheric crystal attunements, on-going support, a free crystal point to learn wand use, as well as the Atlantean Crystal Healing™ certificate.
NB: Can you please wear white, blue or light colours on the day. And if you would like anything charged with atlantean energy, like crystals or oracle cards do feel free to bring them with you.

On the first day, can you bring with you a yoga mat or blanket, and cushion for pair practice. Thank you.


More course dates will be released shortly so please keep checking the website and FB for updates.

Private courses can be set up for individuals and groups, so if you would like one in your area then please contact me to discuss it.

Courses can be set up during the week and also in the evenings to suit.

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