Colour Energy Therapies

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy and Healing in its many forms has been used for thousands of years. It was used by many civilizations, including the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians. Colour surrounds us in our everyday life and has a profound affect on us on many levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and also spiritually. By actively using colour, a colour therapist aims to balance and enhance your energy centres, thus stimulating your body's own healing process and promoting health, healing and well- being.

The Science Bit

Colour is energy and energy surrounds us in our everyday lives. The sun emanates light of different frequencies. When a white light is shone through a prism it breaks down into the seven colours of the spectrum.

These colours all travel at the same speed, but at slightly different wavelengths. This means that each colour has it's own particular energy.

The seven colours are RED – ORANGE – YELLOW – GREEN – BLUE – INDIGO and VIOLET. Violet at one end of the spectrum has the shortest

Colour Therapy/Healing

Colour Therapy and Healing takes many forms – I work with various methods, including my Aurora Borealis Coloured Bottles, Aura drawings, Silk Scarves, Meditation, a Light Box etc.

After an initial consultation I will decide which method or methods will be most suitable for the client. I am also qualified in SourceSTAR and Reiki Healing and sometimes will combine Colour Healing with one of these healing systems.