Colour Energy Therapies

Crystal Keys – Ancestral Harmonic Healing
The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom

This amazing energy healing method was founded by Kathleen Murray.

It brings together a blend of mainly Lemurian but also Atlantean healing techniques and ancient knowledge and wisdom.

It is a powerful healing system that touches every aspect of the ancestral part of you, allowing you to move forward on your soul journey with a new sense of purpose and freedom.

During a session you will lie fully clothed on a massage bed. I will work with Lemurian Crystals, sometimes Crystal Skulls and other crystals and channel the beautiful energy of this system to bring you fully back into alignment and balance.

I will also select powerful symbols and imprints of wholeness colour healing images for you to enhance this healing session. I will sometimes also bring sacred geometry and sound healing into a session as well.

Each session will be unique and tailored to suit the needs of the client .I will be guided by my knowledge and intuition during each session.

Now is the time to Unite and rediscover who we are.

To reconnect with the aspects of:

Love - Support - Gratitude - Kindness - Forgiveness - Compassion - Respect

These are just a few keys to unlock the Gates to your full potential and purpose on this planet here and now.

Together we can heal ourselves, those before us and those who will come after us. We can learn to love and support each other and live in the harmony with Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth!

Crystal keys – Ancestral Harmonic Healing incorporating the wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom.

It all begins with you. – Are you ready?

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Crystal Keys sessions are available in person and distance healing sessions are also available.


Crystal Keys Courses are available at various levels.

  • Level 1 Beginners can be studied online and in person.

  • Level 2 Practitioner can be studied online and in person.

  • Level 3 Master can only be studied in person.

  • Level 4 Master Energy Teacher can only be studied in person.

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